How do waitlists work? From the time registration started until when registration ended, your students were able to add themselves into your course.  If your course was full, and was open for a waitlist, then the student could add themselves … Continued

ITS Quick Start for New Hires

Hello New Hires, I wanted to provide a quick, not overly technical overview of what ITS is and how the services we provide to you. ITS is centralized for all three colleges but we are divided into 3 main types … Continued

Banner 9 – Tutorials

Banner9_Overview Transition Schedule Training Schedule SMCCD Banner 9 using Application Navigator Using Application Navigator Video    

Banner 9 FAQs

On April 23rd 2018 the district will begin a transition from Banner 8 into Banner 9. For more information on the project, please go to the Banner 9 Resource page. What is Banner 9? Banner 9 is a district-wide initiative … Continued

New Employee Password Management Solution

As we go into the Thanksgiving break, I have the opportunity to share an actual password-related email.  You’ve seen dozens of fake messages, but this is a real, legitimate email from me, Bruce Griffin – Chief Technology Officer.  I’m going … Continued

SMCCD Password Management Tutorial

Download ITS Password Management Tutorial PDF   The District licensed a tool that will allow faculty and staff to change and recover passwords as well as unlock accounts through a self-service portal. The system relies on a one-time registration of … Continued

SMCCD Password Management FAQs

Why do I need to enroll. By enrolling in this service it will allow you to reset your sso account yourself.  This is the fastest and most convenient way to reset or unlock your account.  When you enroll you will … Continued

CCCApply Application WARE Data

This document provides details of the SV_STUDENT_CCCAPPLY table in WARE. SV_STUDENT_CCCAPPLY documentation   For additional information please contact: wana@smccd.edu  

Emergency 911 Dialing

Traditionally, SMCCCD has required those dialing 911 on District phones to dial 9 for an outside line, resulting in 9+911.  We would like to eliminate the preceding 9 to simplify and standardize emergency dialing.  We have, however, tried this in … Continued