0365 Junk Email FAQs

Written by Jasmine Robinson on June 3, 2014

1) How to block a sender’s domain
Microsoft has removed the feature to easily block a domain from the junk email menu
Steps on how to block a domain and why Microsoft made that change are available here:

2) How do I right click on a spam message on a mac in Outlook

“Ctrl-Click” on the spam message

3) My search is not returning messages I know are there

There could be a couple reasons for this:

1)      You can try the advanced find (File -> Search tools -> Advanced find)

2)      Your search index is corrupted (ost file) and you need to have a technician recreate it for you

3)      You search just needs to be reindexed (can take all day to run)

  • Go to Outlook Settings (File | Options)
  • Go to the Search settings
  • Click on Indexing Options
  • Click Advanced
  • Click Rebuild
  • Click OK and then Close to dismiss the dialogs

4) My evites and facebook notifications are being captured by the quarantine filter

We are adding the evites and facebook domains to the white list for Microsoft. If you have a domain you would like us to white list so it no longer appears in quarantine let us know.

5) It’s confusing that the quarantine message says “Report as Not Junk” and when I click on it, it doesn’t automatically release those messages to my inbox.

  • Report as Not Junk  –  Clicking this link sends a copy of the message to Microsoft for analysis. The spam team evaluates and analyzes the message, and, depending on the results of the analysis, adjusts the anti-spam filter rules to allow the message through.  Sometimes you will need to report something as junk multiple times before Microsoft believes you =)
  • Release to Inbox   – Clicking this link sends the message to your inbox where you can view it.