CCCApply Application WARE Data

This document provides details of the SV_STUDENT_CCCAPPLY table in WARE. SV_STUDENT_CCCAPPLY documentation   For additional information please contact:  

College Connection Application Workflow

This document provides the “Getting Started” instructions for the college connection application workflow. For additional information contact Alison Wan. CollegeConnectApplicationWorkFlow_GettingStarted

Cohort Setup and Reporting

The following document provides an overview and instructions of the Cohort process in Banner, for additional information please contact Edgar Coronel Cohort Setup Notes

Separating Cohorts in SGASADD

The following document provides information about separating (ending) students from cohort programs in Banner: Separating Cohorts Contact Edgar Coronel or Elaine Lau for additional information

SMCCD 320 Instructions

This are the instructions on running the Banner CalB 320 reports. SMCCD CALB 320 Instructions Updated 010913 For additional information please contact Edgar Coronel.  

Enrollment Dashboards – Argos

This document provides instructions on login, navigation and understanding of the various Enrollment Dashboards developed using Argos. This replaced the Hyperion Dashboards. DESR_Instructions For additional information contact Edgar Coronel.

BDMS Training

This document provides instructions on navigation, scan and index and querying documents in Banner Document Management System (BDMS) also known as Banner Xtender. 2012_BDMS Training For additional information contact Edgar Coronel.