Banner 9 FAQs

Banner 9 FAQ


The district will be fully transitioned into Banner 9. For more information on the project, please go to the Banner 9 Resource page.

What is Banner 9?

Banner 9 is a district-wide initiative to upgrade our Banner environment from Banner 8 to Banner 9. Banner 9 delivers a fresh user experience, all-new tools, and improved functionality across all areas where Banner us used. It will also allow us to run Banner on any browser and on mobile devices.

Why are we upgrading to Banner 9?

Ellucian, the vendor that the district licenses Banner from will be terminating all support for Banner 8 as of December 31, 2018.

What is changing with Banner 9?

There is no need to learn a new application, the forms that you use and functionality are mostly the same, the only thing that changes is different navigation and fresh user interface.

What are Banner 9 Admin Pages?

Admin pages are replacing the Banner forms being used by staff to perform back office operations.

What are Banner 9 Apps?

Over time, Banner 9 Apps will replace WebSMART functionality.

How do I log into Banner 9?

For Admin Pages you will need your employee email username (AD) and password – (without the

Can I still access Banner 8 forms?

Yes (through the end of 2018). Some local and modified forms will still be accessible until they are either replaced by a similar form or obsoleted. Banner 8 forms, as it’s currently the case with all of Banner, can only be accessed through Internet Explorer. The Banner 8 login icon will be disabled after Dec 31, 2018.

I’m having trouble login into AppNav, what should I do?

Verify that you are using your correct username and password, if that doesn’t corrects the issue clear the browser’s cache, close ALL browser open tabs and retry.

How do I clear cache?

In Chrome

In Firefox

In Internet Explorer

Why is there an Oracle Password Prompt?

You will be prompted for your Banner password the first time that you attempt to access a Banner 8 form. Remember that Banner 8 forms can only open in Internet Explorer

I can’t access a form that I used to access in Banner 8, what do I do?

Try login in through the Banner 8 menu, if the form is still available make sure that you use Internet Explorer.

I can’t connect to WebXtender from my Banner 8 form.

The link from Banner 8 to WebXtender is no longer active. Please use the Banner 9 form.

Can I connect to WebXtender from my Banner 9 form?

Yes, but it is best to use Internet Explorer as WebXtender is best use with this browser.

What browsers does Banner 9 support?

You should be able to use any browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and even Safari.

Is there a prefer browser for Banner 9?

Chrome is the prefer browser but remember that Banner 8 forms can only use Internet Explorer

Can I have more than one session of Banner 9 open?

Yes. You can have multiple session open by login through multiple tabs or even different browsers.

Can I access all the forms in Application Navigator that I currently have permissions to access?

Yes. You should have exactly the same permission as you had under Banner 8

Are all forms available in both Banner 8 and 9?

No. The following forms can only be accessed in Banner 8.

  • Any EOPS forms (SWAEOPS)
  • SKACHRT – Cohorts
  • SLAENVT – Event management

The following forms can only be accessed in Banner 9

  • SSASECT – Schedule
  • SFAREGS – Student Registration

I used to be able to print the entire screen in Banner 8, now parts of the screen are cut off.

Since the browser is being used to present the Banner information, printing will depend in several factors such as browser, screen size, font, etc. In order to capture the entire screen we suggest that you use a screen capture tool such as the windows snipping tool to capture and paste your content.

Why did my session expired?

In order to optimize performance and security, Banner 9 will expire after 90 minutes of inactivity. When it expires, be sure to close all the open tabs and re-launch the browser before login back in.

What should I do if I still have problems with Banner 9?

Enter an ITS Service Request Form or send an email describing your problem to Please provide as much detail as possible and a picture is worth a thousand words.