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Zoom FAQ: Troubleshooting Blank, Grey, or Black Screen During Video Playback While Screen Sharing

Zoom’s “Share Screen” feature is an important tool when teaching online or hybrid courses. However, when it comes to screen sharing video content, the results may not be as expected. A common problem when sharing video content, is that the video will not playback once screen sharing is turned on in Zoom. You may see…

Resetting/Changing your Password using OneLogin

Employee Password Reset For users that have forgotten their password. Visit OneLogin, and click on the “Forgot Password” link. Enter your username (without the into the Username field and click “Continue” Select an Authentication Factor, which you may have already configured in your OneLogin Profile, and fulfill the Authentication Factor. You may choose from…

Canvas Updates

Stay caught up on Canvas updates and documentation! Upcoming and past Canvas releases.  Documentation is available for anybody to read. Canvas Deploys. This page often posts smaller changes that happen more frequently. We recommend subscribing to these pages to receive any updates through email:

Recalling all hotspots loaned by the colleges

SMCCD is recalling ALL hotspot devices including iPhones. Please make an appointment to return your hotspot. This notice applies to anyone who has borrowed a hotspot from SMCCD.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is a security enhancement that allows you to present two pieces of evidence (“your credentials”) when logging in to WebSMART, Canvas, Degree Works, Salesforce, Zoom, and other systems. You can find instructions for how to configure MFA in the links below: Video Instructions for configuring MFAWritten Instructions for configuring MFA

Global Protect Yubikey Instructions

1. Go to “” and click on your profile 2. Click “+” sign to setup “Yubikey” authentication 3. Insert your Yubikey 5 NFC in your USB and wait until the windows installed the driver automatically and ready to use. Under “Choose Vendor”, click “Yubikey”. Under Yubikey ID, press the button (circled in “red” in the…

Password Management

Strong passwords, when updated regularly, go a long way to protecting you online. Here are the requirements for creating a password for use with the mySMCCD portal: Minimum of 12 characters Upper case letter(s) Lower case letter(s) Number(s) Special character(s) Additionally, consider the following when managing your passwords: Change your password on a regular schedule–At…

Zoom Live-Transcription

The below video shows how to turn on auto-live transcription within a Zoom meeting. The accuracy of Zoom’s live transcription feature depends on many variables, such as but not limited to: Background noise Volume and clarity of the speaker’s voice Speaker’s proficiency with the English language Lexicons and dialects specific to a geography or community…

ITS Training Thursdays

The following ITS Training Thursday videos were generated by Bryan Besnyi & Victor Quintanilla as part of a training initiative for Form Solutions as well as other helpful training applications. Zoom, Outlook, and Dropbox Tips and Tricks: Using Zoom Tips and Tricks: Zoom and Outlook Tips and Tricks: Zoom and Adobe Cloud Tips and Tricks:…

Zoom for Beginners

The following video and slides were generated by Victor Quintanilla as part of the “Zoom for Beginners” training delivered March 12, 2020. Includes getting started with Zoom, creating a meeting, meeting controls, installation, and integration with Outlook and Canvas.