Updating Student Forms content

  This tutorial shows how add or edit content to smccd.edu/studentforms/, as well as uploading files to the corresponding Sharepoint site. Follow the instructions in either Replacing a file or Uploading a new file for the steps to complete your task. Replacing … Continued

Microsoft Roadmap

SMCCCD utilizes Microsoft Office 365 for administrative collaboration services like email, voice-mail and SharePoint.  Additions and changes to the service are ever evolving.  To see what the current Microsoft Office 365 Roadmap looks like click here.

SharePoint 2013 Tutorials

Public SharePoint Site: https://downloads.smccd.edu Cañada College: https://smccd.sharepoint.com/sites/can CSM: https://smccd.sharepoint.com/sites/csm Skyline: https://smccd.sharepoint.com/sites/sky District Office: https://smccd.sharepoint.com/sites/dis SharePoint Quick Start Guide: http://officeimg.vo.msecnd.net/en-us/files/793/469/AF104114273.pdf   10 Minute – What is SharePoint?   On-Demand Training and Handouts Create and manage a blog to share information This course … Continued

Backing up your Sharepoint Site

Our backups are mainly disaster recovery in the event that the entire server goes down.  We recommend that users keep their own backups of files posted on their sharepoint sites. You need sharepoint designer software in order to do a … Continued

ITS Semester Start Quick Tips

Computer Support & Software Available for Faculty & Staff ITS HelpCenter The ITS Helpcenter is a centralized helpdesk for all your computer, telephone, network, email, web services and Audio Visual – related questions and repairs. Submit work orders online anytime … Continued

Sharepoint on Mobile Devices

Are you using Sharepoint? Do you have a smart phone or hand held device that you use to browse the web? Sharepoint has a special “mobile” text-only interface to quickly access your sharepoint site. To get to the “mobile” version … Continued

Sharepoint Login Prompt Issue

Are you continually being prompted for your username and password when you use Sharepoint?  Micosoft does this intentially for “security” reasons but there is a work-around to let your computer know that our Sharepoint server is safe. 1. In Internet … Continued

Sharepoint drag and drop files

Did you know, on a PC, you can drag and drop fles into document libraries on sharepoint using webdav?  It’s the quickest way to upload multiple files or to quickly organize or move files into folders. Windows XP Go to “My Network Places” … Continued