Back Up Your Files With OneDrive

By default any file you upload to your folder will be private until shared. A.  Copy your files to OneDrive with a web browser: Go to our website (no www.) Locate the file you wish to upload to OneDrive … Continued

Sharing Your Files With OneDrive

You can see if your file is public or private by looking at the symbol under the ‘Sharing’ column in your web browser. A.  Share a file with others using OneDrive You can share files with others by following these … Continued

Got Junk?

The new spam filter works differently than the old one did. If you are getting a lot of junk email in your Inbox follow the steps below. Make sure your Junk processing is turned on.  The new Microsoft malware filter … Continued

Exchange Online Protection

On Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 SMCCD will be switching to alternate service to filter spam, viruses, and other unsolicited and dangerous email from employee accounts.  This service is part of Office 365 called Exchange Online Protection or EOP.  The functionality … Continued

SMCCD 320 Instructions

This are the instructions on running the Banner CalB 320 reports. SMCCD CALB 320 Instructions Updated 010913 For additional information please contact Edgar Coronel.  

Enrollment Dashboards – Argos

This document provides instructions on login, navigation and understanding of the various Enrollment Dashboards developed using Argos. This replaced the Hyperion Dashboards. DESR_Instructions For additional information contact Edgar Coronel.

BDMS Training

This document provides instructions on navigation, scan and index and querying documents in Banner Document Management System (BDMS) also known as Banner Xtender. 2012_BDMS Training For additional information contact Edgar Coronel.

Event Management Instructions

This document provides reports and detailed instructions for managing events and room scheduling. Event_Management_Instructions For additional information contact Edgar Coronel.