Confidential Student and Personal Information Stored on District Web Servers

Written by Jasmine Robinson on October 14, 2013


Many of you have websites on our servers within one or more of the following domains:

Please remember that ANY files you upload to your web folders using either Webdav or Omniupdate are accessible to the world!! This is true, even if you do not link them from your webpage.  These web servers are for uploading files that you intentionally want to share on your public website.  ITS does not monitor the files uploaded by employees to our web servers.  You are responsible for the contents of any file that you upload to your web account.

It is Important that you do not:

  • Upload any files that contain confidential information to the web server
  • Use the account for storage of your personal data
  • Upload any personal identifiable information of your students, such as:
    • email addresses
    • gnumbers
    • grades
    • phone numbers
    • birthdates, etc…)

If you need to share files with your colleagues in a secure environment where you can control who has access to them, then these are your option:

1)      Create a share on your computer

2)      Use a sharepoint site and do not allow guest access

3)      Work with ITS to create a private server share for you

If you need a space to store your own personal data (not related to work) then we recommend Dropbox: