OmniUpdate – Customize page appearance with snippets

Written by Michael Ryan on March 29, 2016


This section requires knowledge of Editing an editable region.

Also remember that the ITS recommended browser for use with OmniUpdate is Google Chrome.

What are Snippets?

Snippets are simple building blocks for generating otherwise advanced page layouts in Omniupdate’s WYSIWYG editor. Snippets can be used together to get your page looking just how you want it.




Types of snippets:

  • Alert box – Colored background to emphasize text content.
  • Panel box – Colored panel that breaks content up into sections.
  • Button – Generates a colored button to use instead of a plain hyperlink.
  • Columns – serves to separate any type of content into two to four columns.
  • Style Modifier – Snippets used to modify the appearance of content. (eg: special formatting & alignment)


How to use Snippets

Step 1 — Since Snippets are used in OmniUpdates WYSIWYG editor, they can be accessed from the toolbar by clicking the snippet-icon icon.

Step 2 — Once there you can filter the available snippets by selecting a category. Once you select the snippet you want to use, you will see a table appear with pre-generated content.



Step 3 — Simply replace the content in the table and save your page to see the rendered product in the Preview pane.


For a more detailed example of how to build your own page with the help of snippets, click here.