District Web Site Hosting changes

For those of you utilizing the personal web space offered by ITS, the url and WebDAV connection information is going to change on November 2nd.

Your new website address
Username is your email username. For example, the URL for Joe Mac mac@smccd.edu is:

What will happen if someone tries to visit the old website/url?
Users visiting your old website URL will be automatically redirected to the correct page on the new site.

Has anything else changed?
Yes, you now have 1 GB of space (up from 300 MB!)

Testing it out early
You are highly encouraged to check out your new url beforehand to make sure there are no issues with your content. To make testing easier, we have copied over the files from your current website. Note that this content is temporary and for testing purposes only, and will be replaced with the latest versions of the files on November 2nd.

New connection information
We recommend that you test your connection before November 2nd to ensure you can access and update files at the new location.



How to connect to WebDAV


Upload files to your web folder on a PC using Windows 7:

  1. Double Click “Computer” on your Desktop
  2. Under the “Tools” menu select “Map Network Drive”
  3. Click on the link “Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures”
  4. Go through the “Add Network Location Wizard”
  5. Select “Choose a custom network location”
  6. Put in your WebDAV address for the Internet or network address: https://accounts.smccd.edu/username
    1. Username:  yourusername@smccd.edu
    2. Password: your @smccd.edu email password
    3. You will be prompted to name this location. You can name it anything you want such as accounts.smccd.edu/username


  1. Go to the main menu and pull down the “GO” menu
  2. Select “Connect to Server”
  3. In the Address field enter, https://accounts.smccd.edu/youremailusername
  4. Click “Connect”, and enter:
    1. Username:  yourusername@smccd.edu
    2. Password: your @smccd.edu email password

On the Mac, a hard drive icon appears on your desktop; click it and it opens to show the contents of your faculty folder on the district server. If you do not see the hard drive icon, click Preferences under Finder. In “General”, make sure ‘Connected servers’ is selected.

In some programs, you can edit files right from this window. Just open files with the program used to create them and edit. When you “Save” your work, it’s immediately available for viewing by web visitors to your website.

NOTE: If you work directly online, in the WebDAV server window, remember to back up your site to your desktop.

To disconnect, select WebDav hard-drive icon with your username (on desktop) and drag it to the trash. You can also click Finder and then click on the eject button next to the server name.

DreamWeaver CS6

  1. Click on Sites in the toolbar
  2. Click on Manage Sites
  3. Select your site and click on the pencil icon to edit
  4. Click on ‘Servers’ in the left side menu
  5. Select the server connection you wish to change
  6. Click the pencil icon to bring up the connection information
  7. Change the url field to https://accounts.smccd.edu/youremailusername
  8. Save changes and exit. You should now be able to connect to the new location.

If you have any difficulties connecting to your site, please contact the ITS Helpcenter.