Edit an existing page

Written by Michael Ryan on March 23, 2016

Step 1: Load the page in OmniUpdate — here are instructions for how to locate the page you want to edit and get to it within Omniupdate.


Step 2: Edit a content region — First we need to make sure we are in edit mode. The upper navigation has four options. Make sure edit mode is selected.
The green EDIT buttons represent editable content areas. The foundation of any page is its main content.
To add or modify your main content, click EditMainContent

You should then see an editor like this:



Step 3: Modify your content — text can now be created and deleted as if you were working in a rich-text editor like Microsoft Word. Below are the common tools for modifying text:

Text attributes: Bold, Italicize, Underline, Strikethrough


Text format: Choose between heading and paragraph formats.


Text Alignment: Left, center, right, full



Step 4: Saving and publishing your changes — is easy! To save, click on the floppy disk icon (save-floppy) at the top left corner of your editor. This will save your changes in OmniUpdate without affecting what’s on the live site.


Step 5: Publish — once you’re satisfied with your changes and you’ve saved, you can select the publish  button. This will immediately copy your changes to the live website for everyone to see.


For example: If you were working in Omni update on test.pcf in the sustainability site, and you were to publish the page, it would show up on

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