eTranscriptCA – Release Notes for XML Enhancement

As of March 26th of this year, eTranscriptCA deployed a new version of their software for all of the registrants on eTranscriptCA.   This new version of the software enables colleges and universities to transport electronic transcripts over electronic networks but we will now have access to transcript data from the SPEEDE server. Here are the advantages to this long awaited enhancement:

  • Through an agreement between eTranscriptCA, Xap and SPEEDE, all colleges and universities that are registered with eTranscriptCA – including the San Mateo Community College District – will be able to exchange transcripts from the control center with all of the registrants on the SPEEDE Server (also known as EDI transcripts). This will be available to the colleges that opt into this new enhanced network exchange.
  • We will continue to send electronic transcripts via eTranscriptCA Control Center but we will now see many more colleges to choose from as the receiving institution on the Control Center.
  • We will now be able to receive electronic transcripts – in the case of SMCCD in the XML format – from any registrants on the SPEEDE server.
  • We will continue to download pdf versions of the transcripts which we will continue to load into our BDS imaging system.
  • Many thanks to our own Transfer Evaluation Services office (TES) for all of their hard work in processing and articulating the data on the new incoming XML and pdf transcripts.
  • See page six for the consent and authorization agreement. Click below for the details:

ReleaseNotes – eTranscriptCA EDI-XML Enhancement