Global Protect Yubikey Instructions

Written by ITS Staff on March 17, 2021

1. Go to “” and click on your profile

OneLogin portal screenshot.

2. Click “+” sign to setup “Yubikey” authentication

Screenshot of OneLogin, listing available authentication methods for a sample user.

3. Insert your Yubikey 5 NFC in your USB and wait until the windows installed the driver automatically and ready to use. Under “Choose Vendor”, click “Yubikey”. Under Yubikey ID, press the button (circled in “red” in the following image).

Location of Yubikey button

It will auto fill up the encryption key, then click “Continue” button.

4. Yubikey authentication is setup in Onelogin profile. 

Listing of 2-Factor authentication options on a sample user, with arrow to show location to hover mouse to set Yubikey as the default.

5. Then MFA will pops up and asking which MFA method you want to use, then choose “Yubikey”. If you want to set “YubiKey” as default, then go back to item number 4 and click “Yubikey” as default, then it will skip this part and won’t ask you to choose a method the next time.

List of OneLogin 2-factor authentication options with Yubikey highlighted.

6. Under Yubikey ID, press the button (circled in “red”)

Location of button on Yubikey device.

It will automatically fill the encryption key, then click “Continue” button and you will connect Global Protect VPN with Onelogin MFA.

Automatically filled encryption key, as described in previous paragraph.