Got Junk?

The new spam filter works differently than the old one did.

If you are getting a lot of junk email in your Inbox follow the steps below.

Make sure your Junk processing is turned on.  The new Microsoft malware filter puts a “tag” on messages for Outlook to move them to your Junk folder.  Users who have the Junk option set to “Don’t move email to my Junk folder” are getting Junk in their Inbox.

  • Log on to Office 365 on web at
  • Click the settings icon on the far right corner (it looks like a gear)
  • Select “Options” from the pull-down menu.
O365 Options menu
O365 Options menu


From the Options menu on the left side of the screen, select “block or allow.”

  • Check the option to “Automatically filter junk email” and press “Save


You should periodical check your Junk folder to see if anything that you want was classified as junk.


For information about how to set block or allow rules for specific senders or domains, click here: