GWAMAIL User Guide

Written by Chris Smith on September 19, 2012


GWAMAIL 2.0 is a web based application used to send non-emergency and non-confidential communications to students attending one of the colleges in the district. It replaces an older version that was created in Banner internally by ITS a number of years ago. This version aims to improve upon several aspects of the old system as well as implement new features necessary to better communicate with students.

Features of GWAMAIL 2.0 include:

  • Send Email and SMS to SMCCD students.
  • Clean and fast user interface design.
  • Upload documents and images.
  • Receive notifications and report of sent messages.

You can read the GWAMAIL 2.0 User Guide in PDF format.

Note: The old version of GWAMAIL in Banner will be deprecated on Monday September 24th, 2012.