IE 8 not displaying webpages properly without a refresh

Written by Jasmine Robinson on April 21, 2010

I was having trouble (especially on the Skyline or webschedule pages) where Internet Explorer would not load the page correctly unless I refreshed.  It would randomly display the page funny where the header may be gone or the header may show up on the footer or the background would be tiling in the wrong places.

I contacted Microsoft and it turns out that it’s an IE bug.  They said that my Internet Explorer settings were corrupted and provided a fix. 

Now if these instructions start to make you queasy and you are a SMCCCD employee on a computer in your office then you can contact our ITS helpcenter.

Microsoft instructions for fixing page displaying issues in IE8

1. Close all open windows including Internet Explorer.

2. Click on Start.

3. In the Start program and files box at the bottom left, please type in: inetcpl.cpl and press Enter.

4. Internet Options window will open.

5. Click on the last tab at the top with the name Advanced.

6. Under Advanced, click on the Reset button at the bottom.

7. It will open a new window which will ask you ‘Are you sure you want to reset?’

Note: Please make sure that you remember and write down all your saved passwords, before you perform a browser reset, because it will delete all the browsing history, temporary internet files, cookies and saved user names and passwords.

8. Please check the box Delete personal settings.

9. Click on ‘Reset again at the bottom.

10. It will perform a browser reset and at the end of it, you will have four check marks on all the four options.

11. Click on Close and then try to open Internet Explorer and check if you your pages load correctly.

When you reset your browser it will change a few things that may be confusing.

1) It will reset your homepage to MSN.
To change that go to “Tools” and “Internet Options” and type your preferred homepage address.
Mine is the Portal:

2) It will hide your tools menu.
To get it back, right click anywhere on the IE top gray bar.  A menu will appear and select ‘Menu Bar”

3) It will set your search in the upper right hand corner to Bing.
You may want to reset it back to google.

  • Select the down arrow next to the search box.
  • Select “Find More Search Providers”
  • Look for “Google Search Suggestions” and click the button to “Add to Internet Explorer”
  • Check the boxes “Make this my default search provider” and “Use search suggestions from this provider”