Log into OmniUpdate

Written by Michael Ryan on March 23, 2016

Before you can make changes to your pages you must log in through OmniUpdate. There are several methods to access the login panel. Here are two.

Step 1: Reaching the login panel

Method 1: Entering through the page you want to modify

To enter the editor through your page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the © icon to reach OmniUpdate.


Method 2: Following a direct link

With a url you can access OmniUpdate directly, however you will then need to browse to your site and page from the root directory.

Step 2: Logging in — Enter your credentials provided by ITS.


Lost Password: Click ‘Reset Password’ and enter your username and email associated with the account.
Lost Username or email: Submit a request to the ITS Helpcenter for assistance.


Demo Walkthrough



Depending on how you reached Omniupdate, you may need to perform the extra step of navigating to your page. By clicking content you will see the directory listing from either the root directory, or from a site. By clicking on the home icon at the top left corner of the page you will reach the root directory that contains most of the sites. Scroll to find your site and open it. Next you’ll see a list of pages in your site. Once you have your page open, see the next tutorial on how to edit an existing page.



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