Recalling all hotspots loaned by the colleges

Written by Stephanie Roach on May 3, 2021

This notice applies to anyone who has borrowed a hotspot from the San Mateo County Community College District.

SMCCD is recalling ALL hotspot devices including iPhones. Please make an appointment to return your hotspot.

Hotspots can be returned as of the day of this notice. Last day to return them without incurring replacement fines is June 4th, 2021. Data services will be disconnected on June 4th.

Why are hotspots being recalled? Our wireless provider has issued a recall for some devices that may overheat. While this is a rare occurrence and not all of our hotspot models are affected, SMCCD wants to ensure the proper functioning of all devices. We want to ensure your safety.

What can I do if I cannot come to any of the campuses to return it right now? We still need you to return it by the deadline of June 4th, 2021. In the meantime, follow these safety guidelines:

  • use only approved charging cables
  • put the hotspot on a flat and solid surface
  • don’t cover it, to allow ventilation
  • keep it at room temperature when using it
  • don’t expose it to extreme temperatures (i.e., a window sill, a hot car) for extended periods of time

What should I do if I need another hotspot for the Summer term? Please submit a new request for a hotspot. New hotspots will not be loaned to you until your old hotspot has been returned.

If you have any questions, contact any of our libraries: