SMCCD VPN with Multi-factor Authentication

Written by Bryan Besnyi on March 27, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, network security has become more important than ever. In order to best protect our student, faculty, and staff data, the SMCCD GlobalProtect VPN now supports multi-factor authentication.

If you need a VPN connection to complete tasks that are necessary to for your role, please have your Dean or Vice President contact Aaron Soo to authorize the use of VPN.

Once you have been authorized, please see the following tutorial for assistance on getting started.

You will need a password to access this video, which Aaron will provide to you via email once you have been approved.

You have likely already used multi-factor authentication in the past when using online services such as online banking or email.

ITS recommends downloading OneLogin Protect for the fastest experience when using multi-factor authentication.