Retrieving Quarantine Messages Online

You can access your quarantine messages online without waiting for the Spam Notification email from Microsoft. Go to and log in with your Office 365 user-name and password.  This site seems to only work with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Safari … Continued

Exchange Online Protection

On Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 SMCCD will be switching to alternate service to filter spam, viruses, and other unsolicited and dangerous email from employee accounts.  This service is part of Office 365 called Exchange Online Protection or EOP.  The functionality … Continued

Macintosh Safari and Firefox Email Problems

Some Safari and Firefox Macintosh users of the web interface to email have noticed the following problems: –  selecting the email search feature causes the screen to freeze. – upon “Sign out” of email they receive an error message. The … Continued

iOS (iPhone and iPad) Office 365 Apps

If you have an iPhone or iPad you can install an app designed specifically for Office 365.  These apps work great with your email, contacts and calendar and keep messages separate from the mail client that comes with your … Continued

Office 365 Android Settings

Below are the basic steps for configuring an Android device for use with the SMCCD email system. – Select “Exchange” for account type. – Server name is “”  If this is successful, all remaining configuration settings should be filled in … Continued

Using the Phone and Voice Mail System

Resources Phone User Guide Office 365 Voice Access Command Reference Office 365 Touchtone and Voice Access Guides Client Applications Telephone Video Tutorial These are quick video clips to demonstrate how to use your phone.