Updating Student Forms content


This tutorial shows how add or edit content to smccd.edu/studentforms/, as well as uploading files to the corresponding Sharepoint site.

Follow the instructions in either Replacing a file or Uploading a new file for the steps to complete your task.

Replacing a file

If when visiting smccd.edu/studentforms/ you see that the file you want to upload is already linked to from there, then you are ready to upload your file to sharepoint. There is no need to modify the page because it already links to the file you are about to replace.

Step 1: Log into Sharepoint — to get to the studentforms sharepoint folder, follow this link.

You may be asked to enter your district credentials, with your email ending in @smccd.edu.

Step 2: Checking your filename — Before uploading your file, you need to make sure that the file on your system has the same filename as what’s in the Sharepoint directory.

For example, if you are uploading a file related to Grade Alleviation and on your desktop, you have ‘grade Alleviation.pdf’, and on sharepoint, the file is called ‘grade-alleviation.pdf’, you must rename your file to match what’s on sharepoint.

Links are not case sensitive, but spaces are not allowed, and the file name needs to be a match for the link from the Student Forms page to work.

Step 3: Drag & drop your file into the Sharepoint folder — Once you’ve renamed your file, drag it from a folder on your system into the Sharepoint directory.

A box should pop up telling you that the file already exists. Select “Replace It”.

And that’s all there is to it! The hyperlink on smccd.edu/studentforms/ which used to link to the old file will now link to the new one.


Uploading a new file

Since 5/31/16, updating on OminiUpdate is no longer needed. All Uploaded and Published files in the Sharepoint – Student Forms folder will be dynamically updated from OminiUpdate.

To add a new file into Student Forms page, you will only need to upload the file into the Sharepoint folder.

Step 1: Log into Sharepoint — to get to the studentforms sharepoint folder, follow this link.

You may be asked to enter your district credentials, involving your email ending in @smccd.edu.

Step 2: Drag & drop your file into the Sharepoint folder –

  1. Drag the new file that you want to add from a folder on your system into the Sharepoint directory
  2. Right-click on the uploaded file in the Sharepoint folder and choose Properties from the dropdown menu
  3. Type in Title of the file
  4. Choose Form Type
  5. Type in the short description of the file
  6. Click Save

Step 3: Publish – Publish the uploaded file in the Sharepoint, so they are reflected on the live site, and become visible to the public.