Zoom for Beginners

Written by Bryan Besnyi on May 6, 2020

The following video and slides were generated by Victor Quintanilla as part of the “Zoom for Beginners” training. This post will be updated as more resources become available.

Zoom Training Slides PDF

Zoom Training Recording

Zoom Getting Started Official Documentation:

Download the Zoom Client (Mac or Windows):

Zoom Support:

Zoom Breakout Rooms:
Zoom 101: Breakout Rooms

Zoom Polling:
Zoom 101: Polling (In-meeting)

Zoom Manage Participants:
Zoom 101: Manage Participants (In-depth) 

Screen Share & Annotation:
Screen Share & Annotation for EDU

How to use Waiting Rooms to Manage Office Hours & Drop-In Visitor Times:

Comprehensive Guide to Educating through Zoom:

How-to videos to help users get started with Zoom:

Zoom FAQ: Troubleshooting Blank, Grey, or Black Screen During Video Playback While Screen Sharing: