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WebSMART Upgrades this week

As part of the WebSMART Upgrade, the following changes are being made this week: Hyperlinks to reflect the upgraded interface for Hyperlinks that will be removed from WebSMART and moved to other locations

WebSMART Upgrade 

Starting in the Spring 2023, ITS will begin upgrading our current version of WebSMART to improve the user experience for both students and employees.  This blog will contain all of the communications sent out about the upgrade including any step-by-step guides created to help users navigate the upgraded experience. 

How to access your Chromebook

To sign into your Chromebook you will need the following. An active WiFi connection – need internet/wifi? Your email address (only accounts will work) Your email password If you do not know your email address or password, you can view and reset your default password from WebSMART on the home page…

WebXtender Resources

Training Materials Training Schedule WebXtender_Update End Users Guide Scanning Software captiva cloud

Banner 9 – Tutorials

Banner9_Overview Training Schedule SMCCD Banner 9 using Application Navigator Using Application Navigator Video    

Banner 9 FAQs

Banner 9 FAQ 10/15/2018 The district will be fully transitioned into Banner 9. For more information on the project, please go to the Banner 9 Resource page. What is Banner 9? Banner 9 is a district-wide initiative to upgrade our Banner environment from Banner 8 to Banner 9. Banner 9 delivers a fresh user experience,…

CCCApply Application WARE Data

This document provides details of the SV_STUDENT_CCCAPPLY table in WARE. SV_STUDENT_CCCAPPLY documentation   For additional information please contact:  

College Connection Application Workflow

This document provides the “Getting Started” instructions for the college connection application workflow. For additional information contact Alison Wan. CollegeConnectApplicationWorkFlow_GettingStarted

Tech Meeting Banner Notes – 09152015

Here are the updated notes that I presented at the meeting: Tech Meeting 09152015 Thank you, Edgar

Student Success and Support Data in Banner -SSSP

The following document provides information about how the SSSP data can be found in Banner: sssp-ar-and-counseling-instructions_u111616 Contact Edgar Coronel for additional information.