SMCCD Password Management FAQs

Written by Jasmine Robinson on November 22, 2017

Why do I need to enroll?

By enrolling in this service it will allow you to reset your sso account yourself.  This is the fastest and most convenient way to reset or unlock your account.  When you enroll you will be prompted to add a mobile number and /or security questions.  Every time you use the password management tool, you will be asked to answer your security questions or sent a verification code to your mobile phone.  This will help ensure no one else is trying to reset your account other than you.

What is a Single Sign On (SSO) account?

Single sign on allows you to use one account and password (your email account) to login and access many applications.

What applications use the SSO account?

Email (Outlook), Canvas, Workflow

What is my SSO username and password?

Username is the first part of your email (everything before the along with your email password.

I don’t want to provide my mobile number.  Can I still enroll?

Yes, at the minimum you will need to choose security questions to help identify yourself.  However, it is recommended to also provide a phone number.  If you forget your security questions you can still log in by authenticating using your phone number.

I tried logging in but I receive an “Invalid loginName/password” error.

Verify you are typing your username correctly.  Your username is the first part of your email (everything before the  Also be sure you are typing your password correctly.  Password is case sensitive, username is not case sensitive.

I lost my phone or changed my phone number.  Can I still reset my password?

Yes, as long as you can answer your security questions you can still reset password.  Upon logging in please update your phone number.

Who can I contact if I am having problems logging in, enrolling or using this tool?

Contact the ITS HelpCenter @ 650-574-6543.

Are there password requirements when I change or reset my password?

Yes, please see our post on strong password tips and requirements.

How often do I need to change my password?

You should change your password at least once per semester as a best practice.  If you connect to any wireless network other than your home or work then it is recommended you change your password when you return to home or work.

Can I still change, reset, or unlock my account if I am not on campus?

Yes, as long as you have access to the internet you can use this site to change, reset, or unlock your account.

I tried unlocking my account but I receive the following message, “Cannot unlock the user.  The user account is not locked.”

Please contact the ITS HelpCenter @ 650-574-6543 so we can help you with you unlock your account.

Can I reuse my old passwords?

No, you should never reuse old passwords.

Can I change my security questions or phone number?

Once you login successfully you can change your phone number and/or security questions in the Enrollment tab.

Can I login to Websmart using my email username and password?

No, at this time your websmart username and password are separate from your email username and password.

How secure is this new password management system?

We are working with a trusted vendor and the software is hosted in-house, behind a firewall with an encrypted database over a secure https connection.

Can I have Multi-factor Authentication on my account?

Yes, O365 allows you to enable multifactor authentication so that you will be texted a code every time you would like to access your email, sharepoint, onedrive or any other O365 service.  Please create a helpcenter workorder if you would like to enable this feature on your account.